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04/10/2020 - This is cactus land

As usual I don't remember the beginning of the dream. Although I do remember me and my 2 brother fighting, but we were about 5 or 7 years younger. Then my little brother hit the other one with a tube or something, anyways he was unconscious for the rest of the dream. Then my little brother escaped to the desert in a van and I followed him in a horse. When I was able to catch up to him he parked the van and we started fist fighting until we realized we didn't remember why we were fighting so the horse ran away and we jumped up in the van to go back home.
I don't remember what happened afterwards, but I do remeber me being in my actual apartment and a bunch of people coming inside without my permission. They came in and started checking up the apartment, then I asked what the hell were they doing. They said I invited them to write a song. I noticed one of them was bald when he came in, but every time I looked at himhe had a bit more hair. Suddenly I realized it was a dream and that the bald guy has appeared in my dreams before, then I woke up.