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04/11/2020 - More priests

It started with me being near my aunt's house in my native town. I was following a little black boy using a black suit with a cocker spaniel. Eventually a priest appeared next to us and it got dark when he found two bodies in a table in the middle of the road. He started praying to the bodies and blessing them (the little boy was gone), then he got up and told me to go on our way. For us to go to my old house (which is where I was heading) there was an old and shitty street that used to scare me as a child. When we were going through there all of sudden I was carrying something big kinda like a TV. When we were half way that street a light dazzled us and I saw some weird images, but it all happened so fast that I don't remember what it was, but the priest started praying and I got really anxious. Then somebody else was walking next to us. He looked like a big teen, but I didn't recognize him but he got lost following something small (a leprichon maybe). We finally got to my old house and I woke up at 4am.
I was sweating and I think I was talking in my sleep since I woke up mumbling about something, then just feel asleep again.
After that I had a different dream, a recurring one. I was back in "high school", even though I knew it was my old middle school everyone was saying it was high school. I got to my class and I was really worried because I have missed classes for months.
That's pretty much the whole dream. I was seated worrying about failing third year of high school and seeing all my schoolmates from middle just having a normal day.