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04/12/2020 - Dr. Brown?

This one is realy fragmented so this is what I can gather. I was Marty McFly, I guess or at least I was with Dr. Brown and we where in the wild west. Somebody was trying to kill us and we were giving a conference in the city all, then we left and for some reason I was driving a golf cart. When I tried to start it I didn't work and we were giving a ride to a lady, she waited there until we could fix it which was next day in the early morning. I found a hole on the bottom of the car and covered with a screw and it just started. I suspected it was from whoever was trying to kill us, but when we were about to leave in the golf cart I woke up.
Back to the future was my favorite trilogy as a kid. Dr. Brown's character made me interested in technology (electronics), even though I suck at it now.