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04/07/2020 - Not a good one

Today wasn't a good day. Work felt shittier than usual and really long. I felt angry the whole day and it got worse at night. As usual I took my dog out for a walk and as we walked out he stayed there watching a cat for a long time, not doing anything and not wanting to move, and all of a sudden I got angry. I was so mad that I felt I wanted to strangle my dog (of course I didn't) so I pulled his leashed until he could take a shit. I was feeling really anxious and started to scratch my head and rub my eyes desperately. I think a neighbor saw me and as soon I looked at her she turned of the lights. Then, finally, we went back home and I left my dog in his bed. Thereafter I ran to my car to get a bottle of aspirins I left there a few days ago (I know they won't do shit, but my head was going to explode and taking them calms down a little by knowing I took something).
While I was running the sprinkles turned and the wind got stronger. The cars passing by were multiplying and got louder. I could hear someone puke, but couldn't see where. I got to my car, got the pills and went back home. I felt as if I couldn't breath, but I was able to get home, took some pills and took a cold shower.